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Mandy+Kal Maternity Shoot!

These pictures speak for themselves, mum is so beautiful (inside and out) the simplistic beauty of their love for one another brought me to tears as I went through the shots : )

Hope you like, cannot wait to meet your bundle of joy : )

xoxo SG

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I met this little cutie’s mummy what feels like lifetimes ago and was so happy to see her again at this shoot (fast forward 10 plus years)

The 3 kiddo’s together are such an amazing ensemble, the older brother and sister so eager to love and care for their new baby sister, and Amira so willing to allow her siblings to dote on her!  I was a little worried about getting the shots I wanted, considering Amira was pushing 3 weeks when we shot her, but this little doll was so calm and easy to shoot….even with her brother and sister buzzing around her!

Thank you Rashy for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your beautiful family!! xoxo SG

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Harp+Prabh Maternity Shoot

It’s feels like getting post’s up quickly is a far reach these days! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE being busy, however I do miss the days where I could take pictures and have them up to share within hours : (

I shot this couple, who is expecting their first child last weekend! The timing seemed to work out perfectly with the sun peeking out of the clouds for a few minutes during our shoot at the park! Even our makeshift studio which we set up in the lobby of mum’s house worked perfectly! Can’t wait to meet the little one in a few months.xoxo



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AJ 1st Birthday and Cake Smash!

I got the opportunity to shoot one of my favorite clients this past weekend, and what a fun shoot it was! This little future b-ball star was so entertaining to watch as he had his first feel of grass, his first taste of cake and more importantly getting dirty in said cake without mum saying no!! He was a little conflicted as to how he felt about every experience, hovered between crying and laughing, which made for some amazing expressions to shoot.  It was an amazing day and at the end of it we got quite a few really great pictures.  Hope he remembers his baby photographer when he gets to the NBA ; ) xoxo SG

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Hello world, my name is Devan!

This little guy was the first baby boy I had the pleasure of shooting this spring!  His very dramatic and hurried entrance to this world is a story that neither I, nor mum and dad will ever forget!  After trying for over a month to schedule mum’s maternity shoot, we finally booked a date and the weather cooperated.  Mum went out for a nice dinner after the shoot, and got home only to realize she was in LABOUR!!! Talk about good timing!

I knew at the maternity shoot that this little guy (or gal) was going to be gorgeous, and have the same photogenic genes as mum and dad! But I have to say he exceeded all of my expectations! Not only is he photogenic, he is the dream newborn to have in front of the camera! I pray that the rest of the newborns coming through are as peaceful and serene as Devan.

I am so happy that this beautiful family allowed me the opportunity to share this amazing moment in their life, I already have a ton of ideas for this little guy’s 6 month shots ; )  xoxo SG

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